Nice, discreet, uncertain people: the new heroes

To R., for the idea


(Theme-movie of today : Frances Ha by Noah Baumbach)

The less we can say is that nowadays nice people are not exactly popular within our society. Being “too nice” is often seen as an insult and “Too nice for your own good” is notoriously said about someone generous whom believes everyone else is acting the same way.

Or again “you believe you live in Care Bears world?” that we hear so much lately (at least in France), another saying to definitely shut your mouth up when you dare to believe you live in such a world, or wish you would (mind you though, the very idea of living permanently on a cloud surrounded by multicolored bears with a plastic diamond on their chest eating candies all day long seems more like Hell to me but fine).


I mean, seriously

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Metal music and escapism


Amazing Polish band Behemoth

I like most of music types. I know that when you ask someone what they usually listen to, this is the answer you get most of the time. It doesn’t make it an easy answer though so I would like to bring some nuance to it: I like most of music types as long as they make something inside of me resonate. Obviously I like more some music types than others, like everyone who has ever said “I like all type of music”. Music in general and countless genders coming with it are wide enough for everyone to decide to become an expert in a specific one or to keep giving a surface interest to all of them, keeping just what they prefer in it. After this comes the spiky question of genders and sub-genders, as in science the study of infinite small becomes as mysterious as the one of infinite big. For me, to discuss music as well as any other topic, is always at some point bringing to this conclusion: if we get to know enough about something, it is only to realize we know nothing about it (a not so famous dude, Socrates I believe, was saying something like that but I am not so sure).


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Contradictory injunctions #2 : comfort zone

Here is the translation of a chronic for a paper magazine coming out every 2 months in Montpellier area in France, Le Tafeur, this one came out the 15 of April. The first one was also published on this blog so the translation will come!

comfort zone

We get to hear a lot, a lot, a lot about comfort zone. Really. To a point that we start to feel guilty about it, especially when it is starting to become a bit too precise about what is it and what it is not.

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Girls : final cut



Last Monday was aired the last episode of Girls, Lena Dunham’s show produced by Judd Apatow for HBO channel. It was not only the last episode of the season but also the last of the show, as the sixth season being the ultimate. This situation is making me both sad and happy: sad because it is always hard to say good bye to a show you love, especially when as me you are following it from the very beginning. Happy to see than the creators decided to stop now, resisting the temptation to pull from the rope over and over again until everybody gets too disgusted for watching. Yes How I met your mother, I am talking to you. Among others.

I can figure this is probably the great advantage of a show enjoying more esteem success than audience one, you may have less producers behind your back urging you either to continue or to stop and it might really set you free creatively speaking.

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“I stand for CEU”: the bubble bursting

“A CEUval vagyok”

Since days, almost weeks, my Facebook flux is whispering these words over and over. Whispering or rather shooting them. But what is happening is terrible, I will not explain this from the beginning, plenty already did and did it well here, here, here, here. Or here. No matter what, this is a hot topic for me, this is why I wanted to talk about it here.

I was living in Hungary, in Budapest for 3 years. This town, this country, the people that live there, no matter where they are from by the way, had deeply imprinted me. It was not without regrets or either second thoughts that I decided to leave. Second thoughts that are still from time to time coming back to torture me, especially in dull moments, these moments when you wonder why are you here today, how and why again, what if things had been different? We can ask ourselves these questions ad nauseam and it is most of the time better not to do it.



Mind you. Budapest and Hungary were my home during these 3 years, I made boundaries that will never break, no matter how stretch they can become. I cannot do anything about it, I am bounded to this place, I left there an enormous part of myself. This is why what is happening there is touching me so much, almost as much as what is happening in France, my birth country. I understand thanks to that we do not have only one home, we can have many, following the digging work we do sometimes even without noticing.

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Long distance friendship

Today I would like to write about a topic that I relate very closely to. Distance. And what is often coming with it, relationships. We use to talk a lot about long-distance romantic relationships but it happens less about long-distance friendship, no matter how more often we get into them.


(The movie-theme of today’s article is Obvious Child by Gillian Robespierre. I know it is mostly about abortion but it displays beautiful friendships too. And it is so fun)

I was lucky enough, at these times I consider it as a chance, to spend my all childhood and teenage years in the same city, quasi in the same house, with the natural consequence of friendships that are following me since more or less primary school. I never experimented the wrench, being 8 years old, to have to change city, house, school, favorite pastry shop, favorite playground, this wrench that is most probably known by kids who had parents more nomadic than mine.

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Girlfriend – a story about music and built-in sexism

I have exactly 13 days, 6 hours and 27 minutes of music on my computer. I know it may seem a bit old fashion at the time of Spotify and even more dematerialized playlists but I have to admit it is kind of comforting to know that I can enjoy it offline, to know that it is here. For that matter, it was even more comforting before, when it was available shaped as cartons full of burned CDs. Heh, no, it was mostly dusty and not really practical. You don’t take with you 15 kilos of CDs, plus the Hi Fi, every time you’re moving out and in, right?


Anyhow, I never really did inventory in all this music I am keeping since my early teenage years, which were coinciding with the rising of peer-to-peer sharing and illegal downloads. I know there is probably a lot of this music that would not really meet my interest anymore if I would discover it today, since my ears became more educated and that I cannot accept anymore the same bullshit than before. This music that I can now admit as being shameful, I keep it though and it is sometimes ripping off my skull when, in shuffle mode, it is coming in between a Doom metal track and traditional cape-verdean song (my last obsession).

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